Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hannah and I - Tuesday 1 July 2008

I didn't go alone today. Nat's got his extra lessons on Tuesday, so I thought it might be nice if Hannah and I went up together whilst he was there and did a bit of digging together. She did her best, bless her, even though she's got quite painful stomach ache from the constipation she's suffering from. Whatever else, she's great at filling daddy's hat with water, which was very cooling and much needed. We started clearing the weeds about the patch we had covered over on Sunday and made fair headway. Deb and Nat arrived later and we carried on until about 05:30 then went home for tea. The photo's of today are included in yesterdays post as unfortunately I forgot to upload yesterdays photo's separately from todays so their all togheter (if that makes any sense). Here's a couple of photo's of Hannah doing her bit.

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