Friday, July 4, 2008

No Visits Thursday Friday

Not been up either today or yesterday. Finished work 8am Thurs but had to go straight to bed as I had the night off to attend Nat's performance at the De Montford hall in the Thomas Cook Show (it was brilliant!!). Came home and popped to shops to get a few things. Nearly KILLED - as I was cycling back from Asda the handlebars of my bike came loose and suddenly I was in close intimate contact with the ground. Two very kind and concerned drivers stopped to ask if I was OK which was extremely good of them. Battered and Bruised (and somewhat shocked) I had the fun job of trying to push the bike home, sans handlebars which would not reintall into steering column, whilst carrying 2 bags of shopping. It took me approx 30mins to push the bkie 500 yards. Feeling very sore today so have stayed in bed and rested. Work Tonight!

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